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Get the Money

Came to London in '92
Didn't have anything better to do
Out of work, lacking direction
Yet to make any real physical connection
Back then I had a plan
I don't even remember it, man
Kind of get in, get the money and get out

Ten years later, and here I am
Trouble is I'm getting used to this scam
Caused a lot of agony and pain
I don't want to go through it again
You do your work, your getting fat
I'll tell you now you won't get rich like that
Gotta get in, get the money and get out

You understand, it's not about the cash
Oh no, believe me, I'm much better than that
It's all about dreams and freedom
I've got a hundred, million good reasons
I thought it was easy, so easy it was funny
You just sat outside and kept the engine running
While I get in, get the money and get out

Phil Crossman & Benny Junior